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How to protect your personal information

Control information you share with Twitter settings

Getting to know and controlling your settings is an important part of helping protect your information. Here are some articles containing steps you can take to secure your account: 


Consider what you Tweet

You are in control of how much information you share on Twitter or any other website. Don’t post information you consider to be private, and be thoughtful about when you want to publicly share your location.

Be wary of any communication that asks for your private contact information, personal information, or passwords. If you are ever unsure before you Tweet, we recommend you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who am I sharing this information with?
  • How much and what type of information am I sharing?
  • How many people can see the information I am sharing?
  • Can I trust all the people that see this information?

Not everyone has the same definition of what is considered private and what should be shared. If a friend or connection has posted information you prefer to be kept private, contact them and ask them to take down the content. Likewise, be considerate of others. If someone requests you remove information that you posted about them, please honor their request. This article explains how to delete a Tweet.


Report a violation

If someone has posted your personal information (e.g. private phone number, home address, credit card information) and you would like it removed, please review our policy about private information posted on Twitter. If the account is violating our policy, file a report and we will investigate. If the reported account is in violation, we will temporarily suspend the account until the information is removed.

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